Trading Partners

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Platform Onboarding

Prior to hitting the Trading Partners API, you'll need to read through our Security and Authentication protocols on how to obtain the proper credentials and tokens for API access.

Trading Partners API Overview

Access a list trading partners and payers accepting transactions from our APIs. Find important partner attributes, including partner identifiers, eligibility search options, and more.

Trading Partners API FAQs

What's the difference between tradingPartnerId and tradingPartnerServiceId?

tradingPartnerId is a global identifier that is used to identify trading partners and payers across APIs and services. This identifier is API-agnostic and can be used to interact with any trading partner who accepts transactions through the Developer Platform.

tradingPartnerSeviceId is an identifier specific to a an API or service, such as our Eligibility API.

Example of a trading partner, showing both the tradingPartnerId and tradingPartnerServiceId specific to our medicalEligibility API:

    "tradingPartnerId": "ABC1234",
    "tradingPartnerName": "Payer XYZ",
    "service": [
        "serviceName": "medicalEligibility",
        "tradingPartnerServiceId": "12345"

Which identifier should I use?

We accept either one of these identifiers in order to accomodate customers who may be using service-specific identifiers associated with our traditional X12 network solutions.

If you're new to Change Healthcare, mapping your trading partners and payers to the tradingPartnerId is recommended; this will mean your mappings are API/service-agonstic.

If you're moving from a traditional Change Healthcare X12 network solution such as real-time eligibility, feel free to send us the tradingPartnerServiceId. Just keep in mind that this identifier may not be accepted by other APIs and services other than medicalEligibility.

Trading Partners API Errors

404 Not Found

This response is returned by GET /tradingPartners/{tradingPartnerId} when the specified Trading Partner is not found. It is also returned if you call a misspelled API or use the wrong URL.

401 Not Authorized

This response is returned by any Trading Partner API when the Bearer JWT provided in the Authorization header isn't present, is invalid, or has expired. You will need to provided a valid, current Bearer JWT (See Security and Authentication)

500 Internal Server Error

On rare occasions, you may encounter one of these. Such cases are unexpected, and may require that you reach out to your support contact(s) at Change Healthcare.